Walter Barren
Head Chef
Passionate and innovative, Gabriella creates stunning and delicious dishes with global influences.
Anthony Spoomer
Continental Chef
Master of traditional Italian cuisine, Antonio crafts handmade pasta and expertly cooked meats.
Jamie Jared
Head Baker
Jamie Jared specializes in delicate Chinese flavors, showcasing the rich culinary heritage.
Kevin Johenson
Kevin Johenson is a culinary visionary, Alejandro pushes boundaries with avant-garde creations.
James Charls
Assistant Chef
Pastry virtuoso James Charls creates edible art, from intricate cakes to delicate macarons.
Parker Balinger
Assistant Chef
Master of sushi and Japanese cuisine, Hiroshi showcases fresh seafood and harmonious flavors.
Rachel Earls
Assistant Chef
Pioneering plant-based cuisine, Sofia's inventive dishes are nourishing and full of flavor.
Erica Svetlov
Assistant Chef
Marcel's refined French gastronomy reflects elegance with expertly prepared meats and sauces.

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